The Mayfair House: Anne Rice’s former New Orleans home is back on the market again, as per this article, from which I’ve selected some photos. This is the house that inspired the Mayfair witches’ haunted family home…


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Watermarble tips and tricks from my own experience!~

Let me know if you have any questions (*^﹏^*)

My last post of 2012. Fav 2012 manis.

So I’ve been seeing alot of nail bloggers do their favorite 2012 manis.

So I guess I’ll do mine too.

These are PRE-instagram/blogger/tumblr manis.

I knew nothing of clean up or application then…

Crossword Puzzle black and yellow~

Acrylic paint splatter. ( orange, blue, and purple over black base)

this one is actually pretty clean!

Purple glitter gradient. [came off more blue toned in the photo, but I assure you… it’s purple]

Now we move on to the Instagram photos. (In no particular order)

Second most popular mani of 2012~ My neon flowers. Ugh… so much love for this!

Purple and white watermarble. CUTE AS ALL GET OUT! But omg the headache I got from doing this….

Black and white watermarble.

An old gradient I did at the beginning of the year I think…. this might not be IG….?

For the life of me I can’t remember the colors I used. I know the tips are “Saved by the Blue” from Wet n Wild. But IDK what the other 2 are…. *sadface*

HOLO!!! God the shape of my nails with this is fantastic!

Blue and black stripes! 

This came out better than I thought it would. And the colors I used worked well together. (not all the reds and greens I have would have looked nice with this)

My MOST popular mani of 2012….. and it’s blue. And flames… [firebug status]


Same colors as the below pic. (made a post about it) Did I make a post about this too? Can’t remember….

It was pretty…. and it’s blue and purple…. BONUS!

Dry marble with acrylic paint. Super simple. Used a needle.

I thought this came out so pretty. And I don’t use acrylic paints often. So I’m pretty proud of this one.

I love this color combo…. ^^’

 I did this for an “Inspired by” Contest on IG, I used a printed scarf. 

Okay… so thats it for this post.

I hope y’all ring in the New Year safely!! [well now… that was corny. But in all seriousness…. PLEASE be safe!]

Stained Glass mani~[[[ Short post. I don’t know what to say about this]]]

Cool lookin’ right?

This is SUPER easy to do! And you really don’t even need much for it.

I used:

  • Neon orange no-name (im really liking it lately)
  • Sally Hansen “Flash” 
  • L.A Colors “Fun In The Sun” (i think?)
  • Wet n Wild “Black Creme”
  • A small dotting tool (you can also use a toothpick or the polish brush)

Okay so all you do is make random dots on your nails with the different colors of nail polish, let it dry and outline them in black. And finish w/ the TC of your choice.

See… easy!

And this brings us to the end of this post.

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Inspiration from a frame on Pixlr.

Yup…. I got inspiration from a frame that Pixlr has under the "grunge" category.

See it’s this one~ 

[I’ll get to this mani later]

But yeah, see how the frame is all whispy? I liked it, an wanted it on my nails.

I used:

  • L.A Colors “High Voltage” (4 coats, this is a jelly)
  • Black Acrylic paint
  • Silver glitter liner.

I took a sponge and made a gradient of the black paint on the tips of my nails then with a thin liner brush [from the bundle monster brush roll], made the whispy lines. 

I wanted an accent nail so I made little hearts on my ring finger with a small angle brush [again from the bundle monster brush roll]

And that’s it… 

Now on to the “Drunken Nemo” mani.

This is what happens when I’m bored and have NO inspiration….

I used:

  • Neon orange no-name
  • Sally Hansen “Flash”
  • Black liner.

This wasn’t hard… I just used the brush from the bottle and drew random lines then out lined it with black.

Nothing special.

Clean up was a pain though…… >.<

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new-vogue-ravyn replied to your post: Hey y’all. Hows it? ^_^ Okay so for xmas, one of…

I love your ideas. The art deco set look great too.

Awh, thanks so much ♥~ :D

Hey y’all.

Hows it?


Okay so for xmas, one of my gifts was a pack of fakeies and I LOVE them! It’s so much easier to shell out ideas on a fake nail rather than have to paint my own nails. And plus I can keep the fake nails instead of taking a photo so I can remember (which is fine…sometimes, just not always)

But yeah, anywhozz, here are some of the ideas I’ve been working on~

 I’ve got things ranging from art deco to Japanese Sweet Lolita/Fairy Kei, to a Robin Moses cherry blossom design, and the Red Planet.

I also got a bundle monster nail art brush roll. It comes w/ 15 brushes and 5 dotting tools.

[Photo from]

Which is making doing these ideas a world of EASY! I had brushes already but they aren’t very good and I weren’t the ones I needed to do some of the ideas I had. Like the dotting tools and the fan brushes!

[Art Deco 1]

Like this mani. I used the dotting tools for~

Nail polish : SinfulColors “Savage” & “Dream On”

And also this one~

[Art Deco 2]

Nail Polish: L.A Colors “Sea Siren” (i think) City Color “Light Gray” & a neon orange no-name.

I did a pictorial for this mani as well

[I don’t think steps are needed…. it’s pretty self explanatory right?]

I’ve got a few more ideas I wanna try out, I will def post them!

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Nail Art as Activism

This story was produced as part of a content partnership with The Daily Beast.

Last May, at a high school in a small town just north of Winnipeg, Canada, a teenage girl came out as gay. When a group of bullies began taunting her, calling her “weird,” 20 students came to her defense. “We all decided to paint our nails rainbow to show our support,” says Nikki, 14. “We told the people bullying her that it’s so mean and wrong.”

Now, every month, Nikki and her friends continue to paint their nails rainbow as a show of solidarity. When other students have come out as gay, they know they’ve got a gang of defenders to back them up. “We’re like a big support group,” Nikki says.

Remember when neon nails were all the rage, plastered on the pages of every fashion glossy? Back then, it may have been little more than a chic fashion accessory. And yet today, the idea of intricate, complex, even meaningful nail art has taken on a life of its own

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Xmas mani! Green, red & gold~

Hey y’all!

Hows it? ^^ Got another Xmas mani here. It’s kinda dry marble I guess? Idk. I don;t really know what to call it but abstract~ 


I used:

  • e.l.f  ”Light Red” as a base
  • Hot Ticket “Counterfeit”
  • Hot Ticket “Goldfinger”
  • Red glitter from Micheal’s Craft store.

Okay so I guess I’ll explain the process?

I painted 1 coat of the e.l.f polish and let it dry before adding a second coat. Before I let the second coat dry I got the 2 Hot Tickets with a very thin brush [an old prestige liquid eyeliner brush if you want to be nit-picky] and randomly drew lines into the polish…. green first then gold where the green didn’t touch. Idk If you wanna call that a dry marble or not. I don’t think it qualifies? Maybe… *shrugs*

But yeah~ Maybe I’ll try to do it in the shape of a tree next time? That might be interesting… *nods*


Wellp, that’s it :D. Until next time~ Have a nice day ♥~

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